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Lost Continent: Agha Sentinel MÛ Acrylic

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Agha Sentinel MÛ Acrylic

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The conquest of the dangers of invasion, intrusion in the rich cities of the continent MÛ were permanent.
Product reference: MU002
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The conquest of the dangers of invasion, intrusion in the rich cities of the continent MÛ were permanent. They regorgées gold and rare products, above all, the greatest treasure the UAE. The cities were located around this unique commodity, rare. A huge waterwheel flowed in endless flow the water in huge reservoirs, or the people of these cities watering their animals watered their crops, transmitted life. Without water there is no life, almost not.

In the deserts of the center of MÛ, men had the solution of digging the soil under certain plants, extracting tubers containing this liquid of life. Yes life was rough for these savages, under this scorching sun, survival depended on the strength of body and mind, not living miserably almost like animals, abandoned gods.
Watch these hungry wolves prowling around the walls of the city, looking for the way the lever to rise above the walls, to rush under the table of the rich, fighting for the crumbs of the feast.

These people of great deserts, made violent incursions into the rich countries of the plains, killing looting sowing death and desolation. Leaving only after passing the smoking ruins.

AGHA is one of the sentinels. His eyes are piercing, never dormant ensuring the smooth flow of time. The people of the city counts on her and her sisters weapon for the day is equal to the day slowly turns off. AGHA looks away, the darkness installs as dusk, how to recognize, one friend of man another enemy survival of urban beautiful AHURA depends on AGHA.

The night will be long, many hawkers have warned of the great sages MURAHES them they just have time to hide the passage hordes of savage people in the tall grass of the plains LANKARY to over there three days to walk from the city. Hawkers claim that the company is heading MURAHES ...

Ever since man became man rarely was able to share what was high which was taken out of his bestiality. He sees only his little selfish interest her little comfort, the other does not exist, as long as it does not need to. At that time, he exchanged or, at worst war to get what he covets, to grow, to grow its capital become powerful man, full of contempt for the vanquished man, he casts off . But over time the broken man licking its wounds, thinks only day of revenge. That day chased the man becomes wolf, wild animal, he will return one day soon in the fold, woe to the vanquished !!

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