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Lost Continent: Jillia the Great Priestess in Acrylic

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Jillia the Great Priestess in Acrylic

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The charming, supernatural powers of unicorns live(lie) said one in their horn. Nowadays we shall know him(it) probably never. It is a myth, a legend, a dream taken(brought) out one day long ago of an overflowing(brimming) imagination. Ah! Former(old) Gods where are you?
A worship(cult) their was dedicated. JILLIA is a member of the sacred brotherhood of the NAACALS order by whom(which) the transmission of the knowledge continues for numerous centuries from time immemorial, for a long time. She is the big priestess, of her birth which said we took place more than 400 years ago, until this collection(quest) she dedicated her soul and her life.

In the temple of ANKARANKOR, unicorns were gods worshipped under the friendly eye and the attention perms priestesses. Until the cursed day or the troops of monsters seized the temple by annihilating unicorns and their priestesses their imposing of terrible tortures to make them renounce, deny their god. The proud vestals Preferred to die that to abandon(to give up) their faith.

JILLIA managed to escape the massacre by magic or because it was its fate. Since this time(weather) through Moved, in spite of the obstacles and the multiple dangers strewing her long collection(quest), she hopes to find the last unicorn which said we would hide at the bottom of a valley enchanted behind the big desert of Moved. 
The initiatory journey of JILLIA is only beginning. She has to make a success, she has to pass on(transmit) in the future generations the mysterious secret powers of unicorns …

I cannot close this history(story) without telling us our!
We rhinoceros current one, countered he(it), in certain region of the world of today of the supernatural powers of cures or are simply aphrodisiac. Narwhals populating the Arctic seas, exterminated for their gigantic horn. The cause of a systematic disappearance of the very short-term sort(species). I speak there only animals. For the men(people), today and tomorrow even the African albino children are and will be killed, cut sold by pieces in the name of simple stupid faiths, medieval, I shall say even prehistoric. Big proof of the human stupidity(stupid thing) the man the most terrible predator, worse than the animal!... The supernatural joins by the ignorance and the somber human stupidity(stupid thing).

If you wish to comment on the author's note, or to answer the question: that the word NAACALS means you can contact us in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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