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Lost Continent: Kasios the Giant Hunter Acrylic

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Kasios the Giant Hunter Acrylic

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KASIOS in his childhood was like most men of slave forests Tribe Cumbas, giant red mountains in the center of MÛ.
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In his(her,its) childhood KASIOS was as most of the men(people) of forests a slave of the tribe of the CUMBAS, the giants of the red mountain in the center of MOVED. They were even of use as feasts to every new moon during a party(holiday) of archaic times(weathers), at the time of front the chaos where from appears the first continent.
During this frenzy bacchanal 50 men(people) were forced by their minders(watchdogs) to fight(dispute) up to the death, until there remains that one. 
All the weapons were allowed by the saber via(including) the double-edged ax, and especially the strength and the guile, no rule(ruler) of fight. 

Of these monstrous shocks was born among the men(people) the succession(advent) of an almost invincible young man, KASIOS, it there size(format) its legend. His(her,its) hatred of the CUMBAS made a silent fighter nobody intended(heard) him(it) to pronounce a word under the most terrible tortures that he imposed his(her) torturers.
The cruelty of the giants was without border their king RAGRAN wanted one day to confront to the silencer KASIOS, the fight was terrible, he ended at the end of three days and three nights by the death of king.

The guards(guarding, nurses) to seize KASIOS took him(it) that very evening far from mountains red. They dug a hole sandy in the ground with ant-hills, buried it letting only the head exceed(overtake) of the ground and returned to their mountain.

KASIOS remained there not being able to escape. Ants would run(roam) on the face imposing terrible bites. Sudden(suddenly) as he(it) often arrives in the big desert of the Moved a sandstorm swept(annihilated) the thick cloud of ants, the wind so blew hard that the sand around KASIOS rose in the air, so freeing(releasing) the arms. Of an effort on human being KASIOS put so release itself.

Since in the daytime KASIOS became this fighting(disputing), this imperceptible silencer ghost, striking as lightning disappearing immediately as an apocryphal shade(shadow). The legend is born we whisper his(her,its) exploits. He is the rescuer of the oppression. He(it) survives that to free(release) his(her) people of the slavery, by the destruction of these giants the terrible CUMBAS. The East he(it) a myth? Some people say that he is the son of a formidable god MANDIBY, a god of the war. Is it true? Nobody knows him(it). At the moment he(it) is the strongest, it is what matters, he(it) represents the unique(only) hope of the people of the forest, the big question that settles(arises) KASIOS: until when?

Freedom a word plunging us into a soft and friendly utopia. We are all rocked by this so attractive word. But, let us be we really free? Unfortunately yes and not. Yes for some. But regrettably, numerous men and women in the world have the right only to dream about it. Their reality being only forced subjection, serfdom, by powerful men(people), forts to be rarely able to them elected by their people, more often come on the center stage by weapons or by corruption or cheating in urns(ballot boxes) in defiance of the hope of the billions of " youngs which hope in this magic word for FREEDOM! If all the men(people) wanted to give themselves the hand, our future would be clearly happier, you do not believe?

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Author: Jean Charles MIRCETA

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