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Lost Continent: Kayla in Acrylic

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Kayla in Acrylic

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Once upon a time, very long ago, well before the history(story) of the modern man, a continent existed in the center of our current peace-loving person. It was the center of our earth(ground). Moved was his(her,its) name. According to the tradition, MOVED was based(established) 78000 years ago and destroyed approximately 24000 years ago. She was the only one populated with everything animals and vegetables, the only one is in hiding lived by the men and women who afterward brought the life on the whole world. There are nowadays some testimonies scattered throughout the world by the existence of this continent. Country of the gods by certain writers and philosophers Greek, Egyptians, Maya and others....

It time(weather) there the gods had just left the world of Moved. They left behind them heaps of faiths which the opposite, so creating a real schism among the followers of some and others. The wars for the ascendancy of the idols made numerous victims, first of all the priests and the priestesses. 
Kayla is ready to defend(forbid) at all costs the last priestess of the temple of KARNALA, the moment is a critic, the guards(guarding,nurses) of the temple were decimated. The barbarians besiege the holy place.

Kayla on the good right(law), the fight(wrestling) since more than 5 nowadays, she(it) is exhausted but does not break She(It) does not tremble, she(it) is experimented in all the assaults, it is a war animal. The barbarians in spite of numerous attempts leaving behind them of numerous died, cannot enter the breast of the temple to carry out(to achieve) their work to put to death the big priestess.

Kayla was trained(formed) in it since his(her) earliest childhood there top in the cold frozen on the high plateaus of the SHAKALATAL by the best killers of monsters, she is broken in all the disciplines of fight, in all the weapons as well as with bare hands taught by his(her) masters(teachers). Will make a success of you she(it)? Who knows, sometimes the good right(law) is not sufficient(self-important) …



                                                                                                                                                             Author: Norbert PINOT

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