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Lost Continent: Thorkiram the wise person in Acrylic

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Thorkiram the wise person in Acrylic

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Once upon a time, very long ago, well before the history(story) of the modern man, a continent existed in the center of our current peace-loving person. It was the center of our earth(ground). Moved was his(her,its) name. According to the tradition, MOVED was based(established) 78000 years ago and destroyed approximately 24000 years ago. She was the only one populated with everything animals and vegetables, the only one is in hiding lived by the men and women who afterward brought the life on the whole world. There are nowadays some testimonies scattered throughout the world by the existence of this continent. Country of the gods by certain writers and philosophers Greek, Egyptians, Maya and others....

THORKIRAM arises from SYLPHI queen of elfs of the forest and from human ARMARON king of the people. At that time, they risked to be put to death, because it was inconceivable that man likes(loves) one elf. It is necessary to say that at these times(weathers) there populate them with elfs, the barbaric troops and the human beings were at war for the ascendancy on the continent of Moved. 
The elfs were a descendant of the Gods at that time, one their lent gifts(donations), little wizard, they spoke to animals and to trees. Knew quite the big secrets of the life.

The barbarians arose from the time(period) of the time(weather) of monsters, gnomes and other declines of the evolution of the sorts(species). 
Human being that it to them they were newcomers on this earth(ground), unfinished creation of who(which) should have been the perfect being, the rest limited to the simplest elements, molded by pride, by ambition and by thirst of the power.
The wars were terrible bloodthirsty, the hatred reigned in mistress(teacher), the chao was total. Never, to the big god never these groups so different would have looked for a companion(journeyman) or for a wife to somebody of another race …

Except that for the first time king ARMARON fell under the spell of the attractive SYLPHI queen from elfs of the forest. Of this wild love was born THORKIRAM. 
The queen gave keep(guard) of it the child to his(its) very old private tutor master(teacher) THORVALD who is of after the legends was the first one of the wizards. 
The real-life child hidden at the bottom of the somber forest of ALAMANY from the thousand-year-old trees in bushes so supplied as only THORVALD could penetrate there without risking to get lost there.

He(It) taught him(her) the white magic, the control(master's degree) of any alive thing and especially the perception(collection) of the just man. Much later the old wise person died by leaving the throne of the wisdom kept(guarded) by two wild wolves, to his successor THORKIRAM. Since time(weather), THORKIRAM is consulted by king of elfs, by despot of the barbarian and the sovereign of the human beings to know the future and their intended.


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