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1st Radama in Acrylic

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Product reference: MCIA 005
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It is interesting to note that in the XVIIIth century Madagascar was of use as den to the pirates and the to pirates who were in confrontation on the route to India. They create the international Republic of LIBERTALIA in the bay(berry) of current DIEGO SUAREZ at the instigation of the Frenchman MISSON and English TEW. It was a beautiful utopia of these pirates, she(it) came to an end unfortunately in 1730.
On trays King ANDRIANJAKA bases(establishes) the "city" of ANALAMANGA which will become afterward the capital of Madagascar TANANARIVE which is now called ANTANANARIVO " the city of miles ".

In 1787 King ANDRIANAPOINIMERINA 1787-1810 (the Lord at the heart of Imerina) after long wars and marriages "politics"("policies") opens the modern era of Madagascar by linking(binding) skillfully the kingdoms of the highlands up to coast(ribs). The formula which we lend him(her) " the sea is the limit of my rice fields " reveals its program of conquest to unify the Island.

The royal title of Madagascar is awarded to his(her) son RADAMA Ist (1810-1828) by the English people to rule out(move away) the French presence on the East coast. He(it) unified definitively Madagascar and opened his(its) country to the modernization.

RANAVALONA Ière (1828-1861) is elected by the chieftains ANDRIANA and especially HOVA. She(it) inaugurates the series of the queens, milks characteristic of XIX th century in Madagascar. She(it) opposed the attempts of French and English invasions. In prisoners, she declared " because ' we sell the blacks, we can well sell also the whites! " A boy of Jean LABORDE's name, thanks to its creative genius(engineering), escaped it: he(it) made artillery, materials, and all that the queen wished.

In 1861, in the death of RANAVALONA Ist, succeeded him(her) his(her) son under the name of RADAMA II 1861 1863. He(it) practiced a total policy of openness: the foreigners returned; French and English missionaries evangelized in a wild religious and political competition.

Her death RASOHERINA ( 1863-1868 ), his wife, succeeds him(her): in reality the power is managed by the Prime Minister RAINILAIARIVONY who will marry successively three queens of the Malagasy kingdom RASOHERINA, RANAVALONA II (1868-1883) and RANAVALONA III (1883-1897). During three reigns, he(it) led the country with an iron hand towards the modernization

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