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Second Empire: Legionary of the gone up companies campaign of Mexico 1867

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Legionary of the gone up companies campaign of Mexico 1867

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Legionnaire companies assembled in Mexico 1864-1867

From 1857 to 1860 Mexico is in civil war between the conservative Liberal ZULOAGA Felix Benito Juarez . After recognizing the United States ( April 6, 1859 ) JUAREZ control the country. The boxes are empty as a result of this war, vote JUAREZ made ​​a decree prohibiting any payment of debts or interest in favor of foreigners in July 1861, he also confiscated church property .Creditors states namely Spain , Britain and France then passed a convention, and October 30, 1761 after then sent an expeditionary force in Mexico.

 700 British sailors taken at 6000 Spanish CUBA, and 2600 French commanded by General LORENCEY landed in VERA CRUZ . During negotiations the France voluntarily demands exorbitant pay, into the unstated goal of conquering the project and creation of a Mexican Empire , the crown will be offered to the Archduke Maximilian of Austria .
JUAREZ denies debt settlement and compensation . Spain and England were disinterested by the Mexican President. The French remain so only in Mexico. The conflict becomes inevitable.
The order is given to the French troops to march on the second city of Mexico PUEBLA located 100 km from the capital MEXICO . An army of 6,000 men commanded by General Charles Ferdinand LATRILLE , is faced PUEBLA . On May 5, 1862 facing a superior enemy , 12000 Mexican commanded by General Ignacio ZARAGOZA , the battle was fierce , and the expeditionary force had to withdraw . The French lost 800 men dead or wounded , the Mexicans 227 men.
Following this defeat France sent 30,000 soldiers as reinforcements in Mexico, commanded by General Elie Frédéric FOREY .
It will have cavalry that from January 1862 .
On March 19, 1863 starts the new headquarters of PUEBLA. The garrison of the city has 15,000 men behind reinforced fortifications. The siege lasted 62 days with fierce street fighting. Seat parts are assembled in VERA CRUZ, they must be conveyed on PUEBLA, the convoy also includes the French contribution to the Mexican countryside 3 million gold francs. Colonel Francesco PAULA MILAN commanding three infantry battalions of 400 men each and 850 riders, a total well equipped 2050 Mexican attempts to intercept and destroy the convoy, this plan is foiled, thanks to the sacrifice in the village of CAMERONE (in truth CAMARON) of DANJOU Captain, Sub Lieutenant VILAIN, Corporal Maine and 62 men of the 3rd company of the Foreign Legion who stand up all day on April 30th, 1863 at the Mexican fury.
They allowed the convoy to reach PUEBLA which capitulated May 19, 1863 after the decisive victory of General BAZAINE SAN LORENZO May 8, 1863.
To lead this new Empire, The choice of Napoleon III covers the Archduke MAXIMILIAN the brother of the Emperor of Austria-FRANCOIS JOSEPH. Order is given to BAZAINE to end the Juarists. With his experience of the campaign in Algeria this one is campaigning in northern Mexico. The terror-against guerrilla units commanded by Colonel Charles Dupin causes hostility and hatred of Mexicans.  Until the end of 1865 the country no longer has major commitments despite guerrilla struggles successfully.
The US government recognizing as the sole legitimate government of JUAREZ, provide it with weapons and equipment. Diplomatic pressure from the United States to France is growing. An army of 50,000 men gathered in Texas, under the command of General SHERIDAN, more than 100,000 volunteers are ready to join. Realistic Napoleon III proclaimed victory and begin the withdrawal of the expeditionary force. Before the tensions in Europe caused by the clash between Austria and Prussia, the last French troops left the country in early 1867.
The MAXIMILIEN Emperor refuses to abdicate , betrayed by the own men it is running 19 May 1867. JUAREZ returned to power until his death in 1872 . General FOREY cavalry will have to confront and pursue the " guerrillas " and " Lanceros " Mexican that from January 1862 .   STATE OF THE CAVALRY OF MEXICO DURING CAMPAIGN AFRICAN HUNTER : - 2nd Squadron (only 1 squad ) landed January 7, 1862 . - 1st squadron. - 3rd Squadron ( These two squadrons landed along the reinforcements feet of new troops. ) a total of 200 to 171 fighters africa Arabian horses . They remained in Mexican unflattering memoirs under the title " carcineros azules " translation "blue butchers " which shows how eagerly the african hunters used their swords !
On 2 November 1862 three other platoons landed at Vera Cruz with Colonel de BREMOND D'ARS who took command of the 1st Cavalry ORIZABA before marching regiment, which had been created with a second regimental march, the brigade Cavalry , commanded by Brigadier General of MIRANDOL. The second marching regiment under the command of Colonel Barail consisted of two squadrons of the 3rd AFRICAN HUNTER and two squadrons of the 3rd AFRICA AND HUNTER 2 12th HUNTER HORSE.

To complete the 2nd Cavalry marching regiment he was chosen two squadrons of the 12th Chasseur under the command of Lieutenant Colonel MARGUERITTE.

The 5th HUSSARD landed in March 1862 under the command of Captain BARBUT. It was reinforced in early 1863 by the 2nd Squadron Captain FOUSSAT, forming half a regiment under the command of Lieutenant Colonel SAUTEREAU DUPART.SQUADRON OF THE FOREIGN LEGION MONTE :
To gain speed enemy, harass, having his thank you , the Foreign Legion who was present from the start of operations in June 1864 created his own cavalry squadron , intended to take the role of dragons that made the most great services during the last campaign.

This unit was provided with the infantry rifle or dragon and light cavalry saber. The harnesses were from African Hunters and frames the country. The men were selected from the infantry of the Legion who served in the cavalry. The reserve was important since the Foreign Legion almost entirely were directly transported from Algeria to Mexico or she left more than 2,000 dead.

A second squadron reinforced the first squadron to September 1866. The Legion lost during the Mexican campaign Officers 31 , 1917 under officers and men of troops killed or died of disease .GUERRILLA AGAINST:
Mexican guerrillas harassed by small groups supply convoys, the troops on, and disappeared in the wild. Colonel DUPIN advocated the creation of a special unit, called "AGAINST GUERRILLA" for use in light troops to carrer against these attacks. It was developed by General Douay, it included about 1,000 men, and confined February 14, 1863 on the set of ALNAMAC. In fact it was only the approval of an independent body set up by the Swiss STOEKLIN.

This body then stationed in MEDELLIN VERA CRUZ and was commanded by Colonel Dupin who became famous by his actions around the port of TAMAULIPAS. The unit consisted of infantry, cavalry, artillery. The troupe consisted of a number of French, of Germans, Belgians, Mexicans, Spaniards, Americans (northerners than southerners both) and even a superb "negro" Timbuktu! their uniform was red bolero jacket with black frogs and sombrero, they were armed with sword, musket and spear gun to fight equally against Mexican lanceros.

UNIFORM mounted squadron of the Foreign Legion:
KEPI: red headband and dark blue piping, visor and chin strap with black leather.
TIE: dark blue sky.
JACKET: dark blue, dark blue collar, red collar paw. Copper button.
GIBERNE: black leather
BANNER HOLDER GIBERNE AND BELT: white, copper lining.
BELT WOOL: dark red or sky blue.
PANTS: madder, black leather knee patches.
SHOES: Black leather.
SABRE: brass frame, white strap.
FOURREAU SABRE: sheet iron.


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