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Second Empire: Preside infantry Siège of Metz 1870 in acrylic

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Preside infantry Siège of Metz 1870 in acrylic

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On July 31st, 1870, 3 armies German ( 380 000 men(people)) are concentrated on the West by the RHINE, under the command of General VON MOLTKE having for objective the destruction of the French army. Opposite 8 French army corps ( 224 000 men(people)) scattered along the border. The units for the greater part not still completed their staff(size). Ammunitions are insufficient, badly distributed. 
Ignoring the opposite strengths NAPOLEON III orders a general advance of his(her) troops which created the chaos because of no planning and lack of topographic cards(maps) of places.

On August 2nd the 2nd body seizes SAARBRÜCKEN. The distributed Emperor his troops in two that of Alsace and that of the Lorraine the first one being commanded by General MAC MAHON, second by Marshal BAZAINE. 
The 4août to WEISSENBURG after violent commitments PIMP MAHON makes pension. To FRÖSCHWILLER on August 6th he faces the enemy three times superior in number, the outcome of the fight is clear, the German army goes to the MEUSE. The same day Marshal BAZAINE faces the 1st and 2nd German army at the risk of seeing itself surrounded BAZAINE is forced to the fold.

On August 12th NAPOLEON III puts back(hands) the command to General Charles COUSIN-MONTAUBAN by keeping(preserving) the command of the troops of his(her) sector. The troops of PIMP MAHON group together to CHÂLONS. 
MOLTKE decides to prevent the junction of both French armies. Then which cross(exceed) the MOSELLE (in August 15th) the French troops undergo an attack of the Prussians. Positioned well do not yield and throwing(launching) even a counter-attack. BAZAINE refuses the opportunity which offers itself to him. And is only delaying without reason the fold of the French people.

BAZAINE receives the order to go to VERDUN where have to concentrate the French strengths. He prefers to find refuge in METZ to keep(preserve) his intact strengths. 
The next day both armies are in confrontation near the villages of MARCH THE TOWER, VIONVILLE, and REZONVILLE without winner(conqueror). BAZAINE commits(hires) only a part(party) of its troops. Two days later ON August 18th to GRAVELOTTE German lead a battle to opposite fronts. In spite of a relentless resistance of its right wing and a possible counter-attack BAZAINE fold on the pretext of lack of ammunitions in METZ.

PIMP MAHON receives the order to rescue BAZAINE with 120 000 men(people) and 393 artillery. MOLTKE catches in a pincer movement this army and surrounds PIMP MAHON in SEDAN. 
In spite of violent fights in BEAUMONT, BAZEILLES on August 30th and 31st, Napoleon III decided to go(surrender) with his army so offering to German the road for PARIS(BETS). 
The seat(siege) of METZ caused the loss of 38 000 deaths and injuries on 173 000 French soldiers the others went(surrendered) to the enemy, 47 000 German were killed or hurt. 
This defeat and the threat on PARIS(BETS) had consequence a popular uprising in the capital, giving birth(rise) to the IIIth republic as well as to the MUNICIPALITY. France gave up(sold) in Germany three departments of Alsace - Moselle and to pay a 2000 million franc war indemnity. The German troops occupied a part(party) of France until the obtaining of all of the debt until September, 1873. This war poisoned the German French relations and resulted in the great war 1914-1918.

UNIFORM: KEPI : Line Infantry : red, navy blue headband, red regimental number , black leather visor, gold piping . Hunter walk : dark blue, gold piping . Black visor. Black tie. COLLAR : Infantry line: dark blue, red collar patch. Hunter walk : dark blue, yellow piping. JACKET: Dark blue. COAT : gray. TROUSERS : Line Infantry : madder . Hunter walk : Dark Blue . BOOTS : black . Leatherwork : black leather . SABRE : brass mount, steel scabbard. GUN CASE : leather


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