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Second Empire: Rifleman of 81 è Regiment of Line campaign of Mexico 1862-1867

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Rifleman of 81 è Regiment of Line campaign of Mexico 1862-1867

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From 1857 to 1860 Mexico is in civil war between the conservative Liberal ZULOAGA Felix Benito Juarez . After recognizing the United States ( April 6, 1859 ) JUAREZ control the country. The boxes are empty as a result of this war, vote JUAREZ made ​​a decree prohibiting any payment of debts or interest in favor of foreigners in July 1861, he also confiscated church property .
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From 1857 till 1860 Mexico is at war civil which sets the preservative(conservative) party of Félix ZULOAGA to the liberals of Benito Juarez. After the gratitude(recognition) of the United States (in April 6th, 1859) JUAREZ checks(controls) the country. Boxes(cash registers) being empty following this war, JUAREZ made a decree vote forbidding any payment of the debts or the interests in favour of foreigners in July, 1861, he also seizes the properties(goods) of the church.

States creditors to know Spain, Great Britain and France, these three nations passérent then an agreement(convention), and on the next October 30th, 1761, sent then an expeditionary force in Mexico.
700 British sailors, 6000 Spanish taken in CUBA, and French 2600 commanded(ordered) by General LORENCEY land(turn up) to VERA CRUZ. During the negotiations France demands voluntarily exaggerated compensations(allowances), in the purpose not admitted to the project of conquest and to creation of a Mexican Empire, the crown of which will be offered to the Archduke Maximilien of Austria. JUAREZ refuses the debt settlement and compensations(allowances). Spain and England were made lose interest by the Mexican President. The French people thus remain alone in Mexico. The conflict becomes thus inevitable.

The order is given to the French troops to walk(work) on the second city of Mexico PUEBLA situated in 100 km from the capital Mexico. An army of 6000 men(people) commanded(ordered) by General Charles Ferdinand LATRILLE, finds itself in front of PUEBLA. On May 5th, 1862 in the face of(in front of) a superior in number enemy, 12000 Mexicans commanded(ordered) by General Ignacio ZARAGOZA, the battle was violent, and the expeditionary force had to withdraw. The French people lost 800 wounded or dead men(people), the Mexicans 227 men(people). Further to this defeat France sent 30 000 soldiers to reinforcements in Mexico, commanded(ordered) by General Elie Frédéric FOREY. He(it) will have a cavalry only from January, 1862.

March 19th, 1863 begins the new seat(siege) of PUEBLA. The garrison of the city contains 15000 men(people) behind strengthened fortifications. The seat(siege) lasted 62 days with relentless street battles. Rooms(parts,plays) of seat(siege) are gathered(collected) to VERA CRUZ, they must be escorted on PUEBLA, the convoy also includes the French contribution to the campaign(countryside) of Mexico that is 3 million gold francs. Colonel Francesco of PAULA MILAN commanding(ordering) three battalions of infantry of 400 men(people) each and 850 riders, that is all in all 2050 very well equipped Mexicans tries to intercept and to destroy this convoy, this plan is thwarted, thanks to the sacrifice in the village of CAMERONE (really CAMARON) of Captain DANJOU, of Under Lieutenant VILAIN, of Corporal MAINE and 62 men(people) of the 3rd company of the legion.

To manage this new Empire, Napoleon III concerns to the Archduke Maximilien the brother of the Emperor of Austria FRANCOIS-JOSEPH. Order is given to BAZAINE to finish it with Juaristes. Fort of its experience(experiment) of the campaign(countryside) of Algeria that this makes campaign a campaign(countryside) in the North of Mexico. The terror of the units of against guerrilla warfare commanded(ordered) by Colonel Charles DUPIN cause(provoke) the hostility and the hatred of Mexicans.

Till the end of 1865 the campaign(countryside) contains no more major commitments, in spite of fights of guerrilla warfare led with succés. The American government grateful as the only legitimate government of JUAREZ, supply him(her) weapons and materials(equipments).

The diplomatic pressures of the United States on France increases. An army of 50000 men(people) is gathered(collected) in Texas, under the command of General SHERIDAN, more than 100000 volunteers are ready to join him(it).

Realist Napoleon III proclaims the victory and begins the retreat(withdrawal) of the expeditionary force. In front of the tensions in Europe caused(provoked) by the confrontation between Austria and Prussia, the last French troops leave the country at the beginning of 1867. By leaving behind them on 38493 men(people) sent in Mexico, 1627 persons killed, and 4735 deaths of the tropical diseases.

Emperor Maximilien refuses to abdicate, betrayed by these own men(people) he is executed on May 19th, 1867. Resumed(taken back) JUAREZ the power until he{she} dies in 1872.

The regiments of line in Mexico include two battalions of 750 men(people) to seven companies (among which two of the elite) against three battalions of six companies in mainland France.

Brigade Lorencez : 99th regiment arrived in February 62 , starting in December 1864 .

 - 1st BRIGADE : 81st line, arrived in August 1862 , starting in March 1867 .
 - 2nd BRIGADE : finish line 95th August 1862 , starting in March 1867 .

 - 1st BRIGADE : 99th regiment of the line .  - 2nd BRIGADE :     - 51th regiment of the line , arrived in August 1862 , starting in March 1867 .     - 62th regiment of the line , arrived in August 1862 , starting in March 1867 .

RESERVE BRIGADE:  - 7th Line Regiment, arrived in February 1863, starting in March 1867. The monthly salary of infantry during the campaign in Mexico was 150 francs (then!) THE DECREE OF 30 MARS 1860 By the reform of March 30, 1860, uniforms undergo a profound change altering the general appearance of the troops. Following the popularity gained by the Zouaves in Crimea and the Hunters of the Guard in ITALY, the goal is to extend the line to the main features of the uniform of the elite corps by what is More typically, namely the pants. Any infantry wants representative of the spirit "the hunter", a mixture of ardor offensive and disorderly attack. UNIFORM: KEPI: black leather visor, neck or catechu white covers. TIE: dark blue sky. HABIT or Basquine: dark blue, bordered on the seams with a piping daffodil, gold metal buttons. Collet daffodil, jonquil facing paw, red stripe seniority. EPAULETTE: green, red banding. PANTS: madder. LEG: tawny, lined with blackened leather, lacing fawn. GUETRE: white, white button. Musette and BANNER: unbleached hemp, iron button. CAN: bluish gray iron. CUP: metal. SCABBARD BAIONETTE: black leather, brass dart. GIBERNE: black. RIFLE: steel trim, black leather strap.


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