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Player of Djembe in Acrylic

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Product reference: MCIA 010
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The music and the traditional dances play an important role during rituelliques ceremonies even nowadays in Madagascar.

The VALIHA a kind of zither. The pipe is realized from an internodes of bamboo along which we removed(untied) fine small strips which remain members in both extremities and serve as ropes.

The KILOLOKA is it amounting of the Greek panpipes. There are various models with more or less of pipes(tips).

The SODINA is an oblique flute. The insufflations is particularly difficult and causes(provokes) the stamp appropriate(peculiar) to this type(chap) of instrument. She(it) contains a small detached house(flag) in horn.

The HAZOLAHY is a drum on cone. It is a ritual instrument bound(connected) to the royal ceremonies, to the circumcisions. It is forbidden to the women to affect(touch) it.

The JEJY VOATAVO is one zither on stick of diverse variation in detail of manufacturing; she(it) is established(constituted) by a stick in the shape of rule(ruler) on which are tightened(stretched out) two ropes in vegetable material(subject). The gourd serves as resonator.

The KABÔSY is a more recent instrument, the equivalent of a six-string guitar.

The DJEMBE it is a drum, it is the very common instrument in Africa.

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