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Jean Pierre LOBEL Art miniature FigurineThe good old LEAD SOLDIER our childhood, we did dream, forget our homework, our little hassle child, toy soldiers took us to unexpected and unsuspected worlds for grown-ups. The cowboy makes the shot with hairy 14, or a good old Gallic. Whatever one account our magical world and out of time, it was our virtual world to us and us alone. In this holy time, we all keep a lot of nostalgia and regret today. It was a good time. Today with technological advancement, we no longer dream, tv floods us with true, real dirty wars every day, and our famous computer isolates us more and more from reality, making us our mobile phone waves ghosts fleeing in the streets. It is no longer a childhood that we offer to our kids, no it is only the fear of tomorrow that we transmit. The tin soldier he was not bleeding, was not crying, never sick, he told us in secret language that only children included.

Or are our toy soldiers? Broken loose in the attic, in the trash, or look in our windows prominently, why be ashamed? Who laugh at you? No one! Because everyone has played only would a day in her life to make a real fake war with at least one tin soldier.

Since then I know is that I learned my tin soldier. I now know that already it is not necessarily a soldier there are small houses, animals, trees etc. lead, I now know that if my little soldier was lead rider it would become this metal being too soft for a pedestrian, he taught me history, historical research at the museum background, uniformology, weapons , drawing, sculpture, casting, metal, molding, painting, and many trade autes things. For example say that our history books, it is not necessarily the truth, the French Revolution, for example do not really date of 1789, the idea arose during the Enlightenment (late Louis XIV late Louis XVI of course) the time to reflect in some way.

Toy soldiers that could touch or put it in his pocket was born the only difference figurine collection playing with her ​​yes, but only with the eyes, it is an enrichment, a work of art, a source of knowledge and an investment for the future just like a work of a painter or sculptor.

GOSSIP truce, you are not here for, you want to dream, for this reason, I present my modest novelties, which I hope will please you, surf well, and soon.

Jean Pierre LOBEL